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Norwegian Forest Cats - (N) Tunballen's - my cats

Breeding females
Ch S*Restless Achtung Baby , NFO n 09 24

Father: GIC S*Redtails Tristan, NFO n 22
Mother: S*Just Catnap's China, NFO f 03 24

Baby is a black spotted with white female,
born March 12th 2011

GSD IV normal

Baby's pedigree on PawPeds

Nutered male

Pr S*Restless SeaMonkey, NFO n 03 22

Father: CH S*Restless Mozilla, NFO n 09 23
Mother: S*Just Catnap's China, NFO f 03 24

SeaMonkey is a black tabby with white male,
born May 1st 2008

GSD IV carrier (test Genindexe 16.12.08)

About GSD IV

SeaMoney's pedigree on PawPeds

Nutered females
(N) Tunballen`s Alene , NFO n 09 22

Father: S*Redtails Prince Rilian, NFO ns 22
Mother: CH (N) Coco Islands Pilar, NFO n 09 22

Alene is a black tabby with white female,
born February 1st 2005

GSD IV normal (test Genindexe 16.12.08)

Alene's pedigree on PawPeds

(N) Tunballen's Bonita , NFO ns 25

Father EC (N) Noroddens Halvdan Svarte, NFO ns
Mother: (N) Fiskerjentas Sikori, NFO ns 24

Bonita is a silver ticked female,
born March 26th 2006 here at home with us

GSD IV normal (test Genindexe 16.12.08)

Bonita's pedigree on PawPeds

(N) Fiskerjenta's Sikori , NFO ns 24

Father: (N) Coco Islands Mr Q
Mother: Sannafjället`s Flisa

Sikori is a black silver spotted female,
born May 10th 2004

Sikori's pedigree on PawPeds

Cats I miss
Ch. (N) Coco Island's Pilar, NFO n 09 22

This was a cat that everyone in the family loved. Unfortunately she started to mark her territory more and more inside. Many things got
destroyed and we did everything we could to make her stop this behavior, we even neutered her.

Unfortunately this did not help and it became impossible for us to live with a cat that had this behavior. So we had to take the difficult
decision to put her to sleep . We did this with a heavy heart cause in every other way she was
a perfect pet

Desirée av Fanitullen (N), NFO n 09 22

My little Desirée, or "Bitte" as she was called was bought as a pet, So she was not going to shows and she was neutered.

She loved to play outside, and looked like a princess! While enyoing her freedom outside she was hit by a car and left us.