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Norwegian Forest Cats - (N) Tunballen's - news

All the kittens have found their new homes Mai 8th
The kittens - 11 weeks old April 17rd
New photos of the kittens - 9 weeks old April 3rd
New photos of the kittens - 7 weeks old
Emine changed sex and is now Enzo :)
March 19th
New photos of the kittens - 6 weeks old March 15th
New photos of the kittens - 5 weeks old March 8th
New photos of the kittens - 4 weeks old February 29th
New photos of the kittens - 3 weeks old February 23rd
New photos of the kittens February 14th
Baby's kittens born January 30th 2016 February 4th
Baby tested HCM Normal - second time September 11th
Baby's kittens are 12 weeks old April 28th
Baby's kittens are 10,5 weeks old April 16th
Baby's kittens are 8 weeks old March 26th
Baby's kittens are 7 weeks old March 19th
Baby's kittens are 6 weeks old March 12th
Baby's kittens are 5 weeks old March 5th
Baby's kittens are 3 weeks old Febuary 17th
Baby's kittens are 2 weeks old Febuary 11th
Baby's kittens are born January 28th
Baby is expecting kittens January
Baby and SeaMonkey at Sørak's show August 25th and 26th
Baby at Rorak's show Aprile 7th
Baby at Norak's show March 19th
Baby's showresults 2011 ... Desember 13th
Baby at home July 2011
2008 - 2010
Conan at Rorak's show ... April 2nd and 3rd 2010
SeaMonkey is nutered ... March 2010
Conan at Norak's show ... November 7 and 8th 2009
Rorak's show ... October 11th 2009
New photos of Conan... 4 months old and Sørak's show ... September 26th 2009
New photos of Conan... 12 weeks old August 15th 2009
New photos of Conan... 11 weeks old August 5th 2009
New photos of Conan... 10 weeks old July 30th 2009
New photos of Conan... 7 and 8 weeks old July 16th 2009
New kitten... May 20th 2009
SeaMonkey, Champion at Jærkatten... April 25th and 26th 2009
SeaMonkey, at Norak... March 21st and 22nd 2009
Link to the cat's pedigrees on PawPeds... January 15th 2009
SeaMonkey, at Norak... November 8th and 9th 2008
About us... November 3rd 2008
SeaMonkey, BIS at Rorak... October 12th 2008
We made this page (Me and Wenche av Moltemyr (N)) September 21th 2008
Bought me new domain www.tunballens.com September 15th 2008